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International trade finance (ITF) offers Bank Guarantee, Letter of credit, Standby Letter of credit, and SWIFT Services. A quick way to acquire a trade line of credit to fulfill your purchase, Imports, and projects without pledging any collateral or securities. Intercontinental trades are crucial, Support your deals by utilizing ITF’s comprehensive trade finance credit line to fund your procurement or acquire contracts. Global businesses like importer, exporter, project contractor, and service providers seeking the Guarantee, letter of credit, and other SWIFT related services to fund their transactions and ITF fulfills their needs. 

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Our Product and Services

Flexible and Easy SWIFT Processing Features

The volume of the trade is volatile, Incoterms are flexible but payment terms are not. Emerging businesses need a line of credit, but they lack assets to match the shipment volume. Many businesses complaints about their present circumstance which entails collateral to fulfill their trade activities but we at International Trade Finance (ITF Services) don’t require your securities or any deposits to open Letter of credit, SBLC or a BG.


Guarantees & Standby Letter of Credit governed as per ICC URDG (Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees). The applicant requests guarantor to issue a demand guarantee to the beneficiary under stipulated terms and conditions. If the applicant fails to deliver the obligations either financially or by performance, the Beneficiary can raise a complaint and demand the guarantor for the recompense.

Letter of Credit

Commercial Letter of Credit adapted by International trade to fulfill the payment terms and it is governed by UCP (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit) and the rules are published by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Letters of credit are widely used in international trades such as Importers or buyers. The most common terms are Sight, Usance or deferred and commercial standby.

SWIFT Services

We are part of the SWIFT membership institution, SWIFT has a wide variety of financial messaging tool which acquired and adapted by the bankers and financial institutions to send and receive financial transaction messages. Most common products are Ready willing and Able messages (RWA), Proof of Funds (POF), Bank Comfort Letters (BCL), Etc., Standard messages are issued via SWIFT MT Modes.

Documentary based Line of Credit

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International Trade Finance ITF, Utilize its own line of credit to fund your imports, trades, and projects. ITF has an Extensive banking network with immediate processing and deliverable approach.
Moody’s and Fitch rated institutions, Affordable issuance fee.
No Collateral required Nil Interest rates with Zero hidden charges.
A global approach, multiple currency support, unlimited trade finance credit line facility.

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ITF’s Approval rating is based on the applicant’s track record.

Maintain a clear track record to get faster approvals, ITF Services – Trade finance credit lines are much productive than a conventional overdraft. ITF approval is based on personal and corporate backgrounds. ITF’s dedicated due diligence team has an internal and third-party verification process. Any default related transaction will be unacceptable and it will be dismissed.


ITF  is Globally accessible

International Trade Finance (ITF Services) has a comprehensive banking and financial institution network that makes ITF a global service provider for trade finance products. And ITF’s support extends upon all standard time zone.