Trade finance for global importers, exporters, & contractors…

Opportunity to get asset-backed financial and performance based guarantees, standby letter of credit, bonds, and letter of credit for international trade and contracts.

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International trade finance (ITF) offers an unsecured trade finance facility and it is asset-backed…

A feasible solution for importers, exporters, trading house, engineering contractor, civil constructors, and service provider, etc. If you are looking for bank guarantees, standby letters of credit, bonds, documentary letters of credit, ready willing able, proof of funds, and other trade finance services. this is the place to fulfill your business needs. contact the international trade finance (ITF) team right away to discuss your requirements.

international trade finance (itf)

“ITF is accessible in all time zones, we have expanded our sales and support network during this pandemic we believe it is the key for the mutual success” 

documentary letter of credit

ITF utilizes its own custom credit line from traditional banks to fund your needs.

Quote: “ITF employs quick instrument drafting, compliance, due diligence and issuance of the instruments”


ITF has strong correspondent banking & RMA network to swift route any countries.


ITF's partner banks and institutions are rated by S&P global, moody's and fitch ratings.


Collateral free & unsecured - which means no deposits required, nil interest rates, no hidden fees. charges are solely based upon issuance and validity.


Financial and performance based bonds, guarantees, standby letter of credit for construction and project companies. Most common products are bid bond (tender guarantee) and performance bond.


Multiple currency support, get unlimited trade finance facility in the form of standby letter of credit, documentary letter of credit, guarantees and other services for importers and trading house.


Simple process like filling application, get a quick draft, amendments and due diligence. ITF team will guide you in each steps.

Choose ITF not only to fulfill your trade finance needs, but your overhaul your banking experience.

Due to extreme conditions, clients tend to forego the orders they have, However ITF offers unsecured standby letter of credit (SBLC), documentary letter of credit (DLC), bonds & bank guarantee (BG), and other SWIFT related services on a non-collateral basis, Our experienced global team will give you the best solution to choose the right product. 

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Importers & Exporters

Importers, Exporters, and trading houses usually works under Letter of credit and standby letter of credit terms. This is how their risk in transactions being protected. ITF delivers letter of credit at sight, usance and standby.

Contractors & Service Providers

Contractors either participating in a tender bid or already awarded with a new contract they can utilize all types of bonds & bank guarantees like bid bond, perfomance guarantee, advance payment guarantee, rental guarantee etc. in a gander project companies can avail either financial or performance based standby letter of credit as well.

Similar to project contractors service providers like ITES, IT, Communications, can avail our both financial or performance based standby letter of credit or bank guarantee. check out our products page.

Freight forwarders & Logistic firms

Freight forwarder and logistic firms understand the incoterms and the buyer’s trust their credibility to handle the procurement activity and act as a first applicant by opening “Transferable” LC or a BG. For more info kindly request for application form by contacting us.

Bank & Financial institutions

Banks can participate by acting as a correspondent or RMA alliance to route our intruments, also recommending and introducing our services to their clients for mutual benefit. contact us for more details. Click here

Consultants & Brokers

If your clients are looking for trade finance. we are happy to help. contact us for more information.  ITF works around the clock to fulfill your needs.

international trade finance (itf)

Check out the success stories and testimonials from our clients, we have been privileged to work with several industries, markets, and regions where we have gained the knowledge.

“We are an EPC company usually participate in a tenders, for which we need Bid Bond & Performance Guarantee. ITF provides such a great service without asking for a security, Where other banks demands for collateral, I personally thank them for the support.”

EPC Contractor

Ravinder Singh, Canada & India

“Our banks cannot support us due to maxing out the credit limit, We import valves and fittings from Italy, Spain and china, for that we need LC and SBLC. ITF supported us, At present we are relied upon them to fulfil our orders. This company provides quick solutions for importers”
Valves & Fittings Importer

Sanjeeva Jayawardena, Sri Lanka

“This was my first experience to face government contracts, While participating in a tender bidding, They asked for EMD, which have paid to participate. Once got awarded there is a another guarantee i need to provide which is for performance in case we fail to deliver under stipulated time, so I contacted this company to offer performance guarantee”
Software & App developer

Deepan D, India

  • Approval rate 90% 90%
  • Customer frequency 95% 95%
  • Customer satisfaction 100% 100%

ITF’s approval procedure is quick

Unlimited line of credit applicable for startup, SME & Large corporations. ITF’s dedicated compliance team works with internal and third-party due diligence service providers usually success rates are higher than other financial institutions. ITF will terminate in case of any default or unethical related transactions.

Globally Accessible 

International Trade Finance (ITF) has a comprehensive banking and financial institution network that makes us a global service provider for trade finance. ITF compliance & support extends upon all standard time zone. Have any quick questions? Call us or email us now. 


Result Oriented

international trade finance (itf)

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