ITF at a glance

International trade finance (ITF) is a global service provider for trade finance products such as standby letters of credit, bonds, bank guarantees, documentary letters of credit, and other trade services. ITF’s goal is to provide a feasible solution for importers, trading houses, and EPC contractors without affecting their existing credit line or cash flow. 

International Trade Finance (ITF) has a compliance center in the United States and regional offices in India, UAE, and Singapore. ITF works across the clock to support global customers. 

ITF during the pandemic…

Coronavirus impact is severe. Banking regulations aren’t feasible enough to overcome this financial crisis. Supplier demands are strict than before buyers are struggling to carry out the trade. ITF eases this situation by extending custom credit lines for specific industries by closely working with the low-profit marginal goods.

ITF works across the clock in all global standard time zones. ITF’s partner bank’s restrictions are getting feasible than before. ITF makes sure to support during the pandemic and, it will continue.

ITF’s approach in trade finance is nimble. ITF understands the vast majority of the markets like raw materials, commodities, capital equipment, project consortium, and consumer channels.


International Trade Finance’s (ITF) principal goal is to give the value without collecting any securities to offer such services. Our solution for global trade is the easy application process, quick due diligence for importers, trading houses, and construction consortiums.

Simple approach, quick due diligence.
Privacy, Clients data protected.
Strong commitment and customer centric.
Understanding & motivated team by maintaining professional standard.